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NET-1818VD10N NET-1820CVD6N NET-1821CV2N NPC-8223A
NPC-8118-02 NPC-8120 NPC-8207 NPC-8218
NPC-8210 ENC-2201S,ENC-2211E ENM-4401S, ENC-8211S ENC-8422ES, ENC-8811S
ENM-4202S, ENC-4401S ENM-4211E, ENM-4801S ENM-4821E,ENM-4213S EIS-2205V
EIS-2205M EIS-2203 CPC-3813CLD3N CPC-3813-MIL
CPC-3713CLD3N CPC-1814CLD5NA CPC-1817CLD5NA CPCE-1811 CPC-3406-ATR CPC-3414B
2U Rack Mount Mainstream Network Application Platform
Two built-in standard USB ports and rugged assemblies, to facilitate expansion to encrypted device Fully-rugged design for memory module and CF card, and shock absorption for HDD, which effectively improves the product reliability Al-alloy neutral design for the front panel, with LOGO area, and fastened by external screws, which makes customization very efficient To open the chassis, only two screws need to be loosened, and VGA port can be brought out without any damage, which makes product debugging convenient External Bypass function switch, to facilitate system maintenance
System  configuration Processor

Intel® LGA1150 package Haswell family Celeron, Pentium, Core i3/i5/i7 CPU. If VGA display is needed, please select a CPU with display function


Intel® H81


2 x 240Pin standard DDR3 memory slot, with up to 16GB memory capacity

Storage port


3(1 for SATA DOM)







6 (two external, two built-in USB ports, and two built-in pin header ports)


2 (1 x Console and 1 x built-in RS-232 pin header)

Network chip

Intel® i211

LAN port

 6 x 10/100/1000Mbps RJ-45 port

Expansion bus PCI