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NPC-8210 ENC-2201S,ENC-2211E ENM-4401S, ENC-8211S ENC-8422ES, ENC-8811S
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CPC-3713CLD3N CPC-1814CLD5NA CPC-1817CLD5NA CPCE-1811 CPC-3406-ATR CPC-3414B
3U CompactPCI System with 14-slot Backplane
4U height 19" rack mount chassis for 3U CompactPCI Boards; 14 x vertical 3U CPCI slot, supporting 33bit/33MHz, rear I/O; 2 x built-in 250W CPCI redundant power supply, DC/AC input optional; Equipped with eight 40mm fans, with upward cooling air, which provides sufficient
heat dissipation.


CPC-9314B: 14 CompactPCI slots (1 x system slot, 13 x peripheral slot)
The system slot is located in the middle, and there is a bridge board slot beside it.
Supports 3U CPCI boards (160mm x 100mm) and rear IO board (80mm x 100mm)

Heat dissipation

Upward air blowing cooling design;
40mm DC 12V/0.1A; 8 x fan

Operating temperature

0℃~55℃; 5% 90% (non-condensing)

Storage temperature

-45℃~85℃; 5%~90% (non-condensing)

Power supply

1+1 3U CPCI redundant power supply, compatible with AC/DC input
With over-voltage, and short-circuit protection

EMC protection, ESD functions

Mechanical specifications

Safety: Meets basic requirements of GB4943
EMC: Radio disturbance limit meets GB9254-1998 standard Class A
Immunity meets GB/T 17618-1998 standard Class A
Anti-vibration: 5-17Hz/1mm amplitude, 17-200Hz/1g acceleration
Anti-shock: 10g acceleration, 11ms duration

Dimensions (H x W x D)

4U x 436mm x 297.6mm