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NET-1818VD10N NET-1820CVD6N NET-1821CV2N NPC-8223A
NPC-8118-02 NPC-8120 NPC-8207 NPC-8218
NPC-8210 ENC-2201S,ENC-2211E ENM-4401S, ENC-8211S ENC-8422ES, ENC-8811S
ENM-4202S, ENC-4401S ENM-4211E, ENM-4801S ENM-4821E,ENM-4213S EIS-2205V
EIS-2205M EIS-2203 CPC-3813CLD3N CPC-3813-MIL
CPC-3713CLD3N CPC-1814CLD5NA CPC-1817CLD5NA CPCE-1811 CPC-3406-ATR CPC-3414B
ENC-8422ES, ENC-8811S

PCIe x8 with 2 x SFP and 2 x RJ45


  • Server-grade PCIe network adapter
  • 2 x SFP + 2 x 1000M RJ45, bypass function optional
  • Intel 82576EB high-performance network chip
  • Can be used in network security and industrial computers

    PCIe x8 Network Expansion Module with Eight Optical Ports


  • Standard full-size PCIe card
  • Intel® 82576EB network chip
  • 8 x SFP optical fiber port