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HANA-W1812-Core 2 Duo HANA-W1813-Quad IPC-6805 IPC-6810
IPC-8206 IPC-8421B
  • Supports one 400W+400W redundant power supply (standard configuration), and
        PS2 common ATX power supply.
  • Supports FSC full-size cards, EPI full-size cards or EC7, EC9, EC0 single boards.
  • Supports 10-14-slot industrial grade carrier boards, with stable performance and
        strong expansibility.
  • 6 x 3.5″HDD bay, 1 x 5.25″ bay (can be changed to 3.5″ by an HDD adapter bracket,
        which needs to be separately purchased).
  • The dust filter can be removed from front; A high speed fan delivers excellent heat
        dissipation performance.
  • Two front-accessible USB ports inside the door cover.