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PDS-1502A W19 19" Wide Screen D12 12.1” Square Screen P12 12.1" Square Screen
P15 15" Square Screen W15 15.6" Wide Screen P17 17" Square Screen W18A 19" Wide Screen
P19 19" Square Screen
High-performance Intel dual-core CPU, fanless complete PC design.

u 15-inch high-brightness industrial-grade screen, front panel membrane to prevent visual fatigue.

u 6 COM ports, dual PCI slots, super strong expansibility.

u Supports industrial wifi and 3G function, to deliver flexible operation.

u Supports both CF card and HDD, drawable design for HDD to facilitate replacement.

u Remote power-on/off function reserved at power terminal, making it convenient for users to connect power-on/off button.

u Supports BIOS anti-virus, hardware One-Button-Recovery and Backup, to ensure data security.

u Tailor-made structure and appearance for automation field.

u IP65 protection grade for front panel.


Screen size:


Maximum resolution:

1024 * 768



Contrast ratio:


Touch screen:

5-wire resistive touch screen

System Configuration


Intel® Atom™ D525 dual-core 1.8GHz


Intel® Atom™ D525 + ICH8M


2G DDR3 memory (can be upgraded to 4G) as standard configuration

I/O port

LAN port:

2 x 10/100/1000Mbps LAN port

COM port:

6 x COM port (COM1~COM4 support RS-232/RS-485 mode selection, RS-232 by default. Among them, RS485 port supports hardware automatic data flow control)


5 x USB2.0 (one built-in USB, used to connect USB dongle or other device)


1 x KB port


1 x VGA port


AUDIO, parallel port, 8-channel GPIO (only one can be selected out of the three, and parallel port is standard configuration.)



1 x 2.5-inch SATA HDD or SSD (drawable)

CF card:

1 x CF card slot

Optional expansion:

2 x PCI expansion slot

2 x min-pcie (supports WIFI and 3G function), 1 x sim card slot

Working environment:

-10 55 (CF card, SSD) 0 40 (mechanical HDD)

Humidity: 5% 90% (non-condensing)

Storage environment:

Temperature: -2060; humidity: 5%90% (non-condensing)

Front panel material:

High-strength Al-alloy

Mounting method:

Embedded panel, VESA standard supporting arm

Power supply:

DC24V (19-30V) input (supports remote power-on/off), with AC 100-240V power adapter


Supports optional MBR anti-virus technology, system One-Button-Recovery and EVOC BPI function.


400mm x 300 mm x 80 mm (W×H×D)

Recommended dimensions for hole opening:

372mm x 280 mm